Laughing Day

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were a children's book that would not only entertain, but contained a message that would help our children lead happier lives? Well, there is and Laughing Day is it! This engaging children's story will warm your heart and perhaps bring a tear to your eye.

Laughing Day/El Dia para Reir (English and Spanish version)

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Oolong, a young lad from the village of the Boologs, searches for Pickled Palamadora, a delicacy that his mother has sent him to buy for the up coming Laughing Day celebration. To his dismay there is none to be found and he is sent off to the village of the Grumpies to find some. (Grumpies are a group of very disagreeable elves.) This sets the stage for an extraordinary adventure.

Oolong must pass through the scary Dark Forest in order to get to the Grumpies' village. Along the way he learns a valuable life lesson from a wise old man who helps him when his pushcart looses a wheel. Oolong teaches this lesson to the Grumpies he encounters. A marvelous and wonderful thing happens when he returns home for the Laughing Day celebration.

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Laughing Day is a delightfully enchanting critically acclaimed story. Click on the book cover to read or the cassette to hear a sample tune.

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Check out what folks are saying about
Laughing Day

"Laughing Day is a delightful book full of important lessons for all of us."
Priscilla Presley

"Laughing Day is great. I was impressed with the story but my kids truly love it along with all of the cheerful little songs!"
Yakov Smirnoff

"...this work will touch the hearts of many children."
Dyan Cannon

"I hope this will be the first of many... (from Dr. Hope)"
Judge Wapner

"...great book."
Sally Struthers

"Laughing Day is a delight! It seems to me we grownups could use a large helping of this (Laughing Day) philosophy as well."
Betty White

"Laughing Day is charming and does exactly what you say it will (delivers a message that will help children throughout their lives"
Charlton Heston

"On a scale of one to ten my eight year old daughter gave Laughing Day a perfect TEN. I gave it a million kazillion megatrillion maxibrillion, which is the highest rating in the universe!"
Murray Langston, "The Unknown Comic"

"Delightful tale with a wonderful message.... Well written, beautifully illustrated."
Ms. Regina Schiffer, Parent

"Thank God for Dr. Hope! We need more books like Laughing Day."
Ms. Stephanie DeSalvo, Parent

"I've been an educator for 28 years... I read your book, Laughing Day and was touched by the message. I read it to some classes of kindergartners and first graders at my school.... without exception, they loved it!"
Ms. Merrill Gill, Kindergarten Teacher

"I liked the Gronk!"
Paige, age 5

"As an educator I make it a point to read several children's books daily. Laughing Day stands out...because it not only has a beautiful rhyme and rhythm, but the message it spreads is valuable and essential to children of all ages."
Ms. Jessica Sandoval, Kindergarten Teacher

"I am a mother of four boys and have two young grandchildren. Laughing Day is a wonderful story with a moral lesson we all must teach our children and remind ourselves of."
Ms. Tana Gorzoch, Parent, Grandparent

"Laughing Day is an exceptional book destined to become a classic. It is the kind of story that I would read to every one of my classes and should be read by adults as well."
Ms. Janet Neilsen, Elementary School Teacher

"It made me cry. A truly sweet story. My kids loved it and so did all the children at our school."
Ms. Trisha Woolen, PTA President

"People should all help each other, just like Oolong did."
Tarra, age 7
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