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Dr. Hope Presents

The Grimm Brothers'

 Fairy Tales


The Riddle



There was once a king's son who was seized with a desire to travel about the world, and took no one with him but a faithful servant. One day he came to a great forest, and when darkness overtook him he could find no shelter, and knew not where to pass the night. Then he saw a girl who was going towards a small house, and when he came nearer, he saw that the maiden was young and beautiful. He spoke to her, and said, dear child, can I and my servant find shelter for the night in the little house. Oh, yes, said the girl in a sad voice, that you certainly can, but I do not advise you to venture it. Do not go in. Why not, asked the king's son.


The maiden sighed and said, my step-mother practises wicked arts. She is ill-disposed toward strangers. Then he saw very well that he had come to the house of a witch, but as it was dark, and he could not go farther, and also was not afraid, he entered. The old woman was sitting in an armchair by the fire, and looked at the stranger with her red eyes. Good evening, growled she, and pretended to be quite friendly. Take a seat and rest yourselves. She fanned the fire on which she was cooking something in a small pot. The daughter warned the two to be prudent, to eat nothing, and drink nothing, for the old woman brewed evil drinks. They slept quietly until early morning.


When they were making ready for their departure, and the king's son was already seated on his horse, the old woman said, stop a moment, I will first hand you a parting draught. Whilst she fetched it, the king's son rode away, and the servant who had to buckle his saddle tight, was the only one present when the wicked witch came with the drink. Take that to your master, said she. But at that instant the glass broke and the poison spirted on the horse, and it was so strong that the animal immediately fell down dead. The servant ran after his master and told him what had happened, but as he did not want to leave his saddle behind, he ran back to fetch it. When he came to the dead horse, however, a raven was already sitting on it devouring it. Who knows whether we shall find anything better to-day, said the servant. So he killed the raven, and took it with him. And now they journeyed onwards into the forest the whole day, but could not get out of it. By nightfall they found an inn and entered it.

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