Dr. Hope’s award-winning empowering storybooks give you self-esteem, teach you the power of believing in yourself, the joy in helping others, the love of laughter, to always try your best, and the benefits of living in the present moment. 

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Dr. Hope Presents

The Grimm Brothers'

 Fairy Tales


The Crumbs on the Table


George one day said to his little chickens, come into the parlor and enjoy yourselves, and pick up the bread-crumbs on the table. Your mistress has gone out to pay some visits. Then the chickens said, no, no, we will not go. If the mistress gets to know it, she will beat us. George said, she will know nothing about it. So come. After all, she never gives you anything good. Then the chickens again said, nay, nay, we must let it alone. We must not go.

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