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Dr. Hope Presents

The Grimm Brothers'

 Fairy Tales


One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes


There was once a woman who had three daughters, the eldest of whom was called One-Eye, because she had only one eye in the middle of her forehead, and the second, Two-Eyes, because she had two eyes like other folks, and the youngest, Three-Eyes, because she had three eyes, and her third eye was also in the center of her forehead. However, as Two-Eyes saw just as other human beings did, her sisters and her mother could not endure her. They said to her, "You, with your two eyes, are no better than the common people, you do not belong to us." They pushed her about, and threw old clothes to her, and gave her nothing to eat but what they left, and did everything that they could to make her unhappy.

It came to pass that Two-Eyes had to go out into the fields and tend the goat, but she was still quite hungry, because her sisters had given her so little to eat. So she sat down on a ridge and began to weep, and so bitterly that two streams ran down from her eyes. And once when she looked up in her grief, a woman was standing beside her, who said, "Why are you weeping, little Two-Eyes?" Two-Eyes answered, "Have I not reason to weep, when I have two eyes like other people, and my sisters and mother hate me for it, and push me from one corner to another, throw old clothes to me, and give me nothing to eat but the scraps they leave. Today they have given me so little that I am still quite hungry."

Then the wise woman said, "Wipe away your tears, Two-Eyes, and I will tell you something to stop your ever suffering from hunger again. Just say to your goat - `Bleat, my little goat, bleat, Cover the table with something to eat,' and then a clean well-spread little table will stand before you with the most delicious food upon it of which you may eat as much as you are inclined for, and when you have had enough, and have no more need of the little table, just say, `Bleat, bleat, my little goat, I pray, and take the table quite away,' and then it will vanish again from your sight." Hereupon the wise woman departed. But Two-Eyes thought, "I must instantly make a trial, and see if what she said is true, for I am far too hungry," and she said - "Bleat, my little goat, bleat, Cover the table with something to eat," and scarcely had she spoken the words than a little table, covered with a white cloth, was standing there, and on it was a plate with a knife and fork, and a silver spoon, and the most delicious food was there also, warm and smoking as if it had just come out of the kitchen.

Then Two-Eyes said the shortest prayer she knew, "Lord God, be our guest forever, amen," and helped herself to some food, and enjoyed it. And when she was satisfied, she said, as the wise woman had taught her - "Bleat, bleat, my little goat, I pray, And take the table quite away," and immediately the little table and everything on it was gone again. That is a delightful way of keeping house, thought Two-Eyes, and was quite glad and happy.

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