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The Best RED Book on Weight Control
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"I'm not Just Another Pretty Face on a Web Page!"

My name is "Best RED." Gee, this being on the internet is fun-a new concept in selling books. Well, ya see, I'm a new concept too. My full name is The Best RED Book on Weight Control or How to Slim Down & Get Fit Without Starving or Overexerting Yourself--but my friends just call me "Best RED." I was written by Raymond F. Hope to show you the easy way to safely and effectively gain control over your body and health.

Although I'm about a serious subject, I've got sort of an irreverent funny bone that runs throughoutredbook.jpg (2739 bytes) my pages. In spite of that I can help you with a lot of serious problems. For instance, did you know that for years there has been a terrible problem with people who have tried to gain control of their weight through dieting only to be rewarded by gaining all the weight back and some extra? Is this fair? No! I can show you the cause and how you can avoid this and lose the fat forever, without starving or overexerting yourself.

Whether you want to lose ten pounds, a hundred or just want to learn how to become healthier and more full of energy, I'm the little guy made just for you.

All of us are individuals. We have different habits, like smoking or drinking. I personally have the habit of snuggling with people late at night while their spouse is sleeping right next to them! Dangerous? Naw--I'm just a book! Anyway because of our various habits or conditions which affect us, we can and usually do, have different nutritional needs.

The one-diet-fits-all doesn't work any better than one-size-fits-all clothes. And if you try to do the same exercise program as Arnold Schwarzenegger you might seriously hurt yourself. You need a program designed for the particular shape that you're in now, with an eye towards where you want to go. With me, you will discover how to get results by custom tailoring an exercise and nutrition program to fit your particular needs.

You're gonna love me! You'll learn:

  • How to customize a diet that will fit your specific nutritional needs.

  • How to get in shape and stay in shape with as little as 1 hour per week of easy no-pain exercises, specifically designed for you.

  • How to lose weight without ever going hungry. redbook.jpg (2739 bytes)

  • The best sources for enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

  • The Psychological Tools necessary to change your eating habits.

But wait that's not all! I will also:

  • Teach you how to select fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • The basics of nutrition.

  • Have you ever heard of vitamin T or U?--I'll tell you every known vitamin and mineral and what they do and where to find them.

  • I'll Simonize your car on weekends--well, maybe not.

I also have delicious recipes, a guide to juicing, sample menus, the nutritive analysis of 100 common fruits and vegetables and a handy activity chart which tells you how many calories you burn doing certain activities.

The folks who published me are so convinced that you'll fall in love with me and will want to own me forever that they are willing to make you this offer:

An Offer You Can't Refuse:

Well, at least, an offer you shouldn't refuse. We are offering you an opportunity to purchase a copy of The Best RED Book on Weight Control or How to Slim Down and Get Fit without Starving or Overexerting Yourself by Raymond F. Hope, with an incredible guarantee direct from the publisher.


Alpine Publishing, Inc. guarantees that you will be happy with your purchase of The Best RED Book on Weight Control or How to Slim Down and Get Fit without Starving or Overexerting Yourself or you may return it direct to the publisher for any reason what-so-ever along with your original receipt for a full refund of your purchase price any time within ONE FULL YEAR from the purchase date. - Alpine Publishing Inc.

Now that's what I call a guarantee! You can adopt me for only $17.95! Mighty inexpensive for over 200 jam-packed pages of break-through information in a beautiful laminated cover (RED of course). So what are you waiting for press the Order button and soon I'll come live at your house. I'm completely house broken and I promise not to chew your slippers. I know you'll fall in love with me and the results you get. See ya soon!

"Bye for Now and Thank You!" redb.gif (5697 bytes)


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