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In appreciation for their selfless acts

Dr. Hope’s  “Act of Kindness” Award

is awarded to the children and teachers of the

 Mother Hubbard Care Program

Milford, MA



Being cold and broke is no fun but the kids at Mother Hubbard felt that they could help do something about this problem among the under privileged in their community. They came up with a solution: mittens, hats and scarves.  For over a year they set out to warm up cold fingers and hands of the less fortunate by crocheting hats, mittens and scarves. These items were hung on a ‘Giving Tree’ and eventually made their way to the Milford Salvation Army and Daily Bread Food Pantry where they were donated to the needy.

The children and teachers who participated are pictured above.  From the top left to the right they are:

Sarah Ramsey, age 8, Heather O'Brien, age 9, Caroline DeAndrea, age  9, Briana Sullivan, age 10, Brooke Drummond, age 9, Kevin Soto Gonzales, age 7, Dante Marino, age 6,  Jill Roberson, Art Teacher Mother Hubbard Care Program, Sue-Ellen Symanski, Milford Public Library's Youth Services Supervisor

Bottom Row - Linear Dowd, age 8, Samantha Cheski, age 8, Katie Soto Gonzales, age 8

Bottom- Hannah Ramuta, age 7


A big warm thank you from Dr. Hope goes out to all of you!

Click Here

to read a Milford News article featuring these kids




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